Make Money Playing Video Games


Since the beginning of times, human beings have tried to get entertained. Games and recreation have been part of human development since thousands of years ago. In modern era, with the help of technology, games evolved to video games. Generations grew up trying these video games but the most shocking thing now is that some people are making money out of it breaking the whole “just for fun” idea. Making a living out of playing video games is a thing, welcome to this blog where we discuss video games and how playing them might make you rich.

Brief History of Video Games

It all started in the 50’s when computer scientists developed games and simulators just for fun. Professors and students of MIT created basic games in the 60’s, the computer used was the IBM 1560.

Video games became popular in the 70’s and 80’s with arcade games and gaming consoles like the Atari VCS, two and more decades after scientists invented them.

Atari 2600 VCS

In the 90’s video games were very popular and the one of the most successful consoles (until now) was created: The PlayStation (1994)

Video Games for Entertainment

Since the late 70’s video games consoles have overtaken the world. Kids grew up playing iconic video games with their parents and other relatives. It’s very difficult to find a person that did not play a single video game back in the day.

More and more interest in video games occurred when families got a console at home.

First Video Games Consoles

Video Games Companies & Industry Growth

After major success worldwide, companies were founded with the whole purpose of developing video games for mass consumption. Since the 70’s more and more companies have emerged.

These are the biggest video games producers: (2017)

The revenue of the companies listed before is $18.2B, $10.5, $8.0B, $7.1B, $6.5B respectively (2017)

The Culture of Video Games

In the last 30 years, a culture and devotion for video games has emerged as a result of great effort by video games companies. There are events these days where “gamers” gather to enjoy fresh new info about future games and consoles.

Gamer in the 90's

Gamers are sometimes viewed as lazy people playing video games all day long and that statement is so wrong. New evidence suggests that gamers are more intelligent than people that do not play video games at all.

Source: https://www.lifehack.org/355507/science-says-gamers-are-more-intelligent

Earning Money with Video Games

In the recent 10 years, individuals and not only companies, have tried to earn money in this niche (video games) and they certainly succeeded.

There are two main areas where individuals earned money in the video game world:

  • Competitions (Short-term, big earnings sometimes)
  • Vlogging/Reviewing (Long-term, small-medium earnings but only for those with massive fanbase)

Both options are hard to achieve but at least in competitions, you rely on your knowledge and how well you play “X” video game. Vlogging is different, a YouTube channel can only see success if the owner invests tons of time in high quality content.

For example: one of the top YouTube channels in terms of subscribers (second) that’s 100% linked to the video game industry is PewDiePie from Sweden.

Wikipedia Official Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PewDiePie

The channel has over 99 million subscribers as of July 2019.

How They Made Money on YouTube

These channels focusing on video games rely on the amount of subscribers and also how many of them watch ads in the video they create and upload.

That’s how YouTube pays the channel owner, there are other ways to earn money like with third party ads but that’s different.